Jack O'Lantern

Painted Window Screen

Hall-o-screen. Painted on inexpensive window screen.

Meet "My Therapist"

My Therapist

I'm a member of Motor Maids, Inc. the oldest women's riding club in North America (Est. 1940).
Atlantic Canada Motor Maids
Florida Motor Maids (FLAMM)
Motor Maids National Website
I'm also a member of Chrome Diva's.
Tampa Bay Chapter

Monster's Ball

I painted 3 of these cute monster balls for my girls.


Don't Be a Grinch!

About Tole Painting

Tole painting originally referred to painting on tin, because when peddlers traveled across America in wagons, hawking their wares, tin was the major product sold to settlers for their kitchen utensils. Not able to afford fancy dishes or cookware, settlers decorated these pieces to make them more attractive.Tole painting now encompasses any type of decorative painting, be it on wood, glass, cloth, tin, or plastic, in fact almost any surface can be prepped and painted! Painters have been known to paint on nearly any surface, some you might imagine, and some you might not!

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