Tole Painting Projects

Some of my favorite surfaces to paint on are vinyl, paper mache boxes and terra cotta pots. I love angels, Santas, Teddy Bears and bird houses, so I paint a lot of pieces with these themes. My craft room has been slowly transformed into a more "functional" space. Mike made me an "L" shaped desk with filing cabinets on each end (for all my books/patterns and paper goods), and I'm trying to store all my pieces and parts in containers for a tidier look.

To see some of my Halloween projects, click here.

To see some of my Christmas projects, click here.

To see some of my most recent painted pieces, click here.

To learn more about tole painting, click here.

These 3 pieces are floormats painted on the back (paper side) of vinyl flooring. It's a very nice surface to paint on, preparation is easy, just basecoat with a flat latex paint and you're ready to paint your pattern. They wipe clean with a damp cloth and hold up great.

Country theme floormat painted for my sister, Jaye.

This vinyl floormat was in front of my kitchen sink (a heavy traffic area) for about 7 years. This photo shows alot of yellow, but that was just the camera, the background colors are actually green.

Another vinyl floormat I painted for Denise because she likes wooden swings.

This is a paper mache "hat" box. I painted one for an exchange gift and one for Tiana. The picture doesn't clearly show the colors, the background is a deep purple.


This is a wine bottle painted with pumpkins, and a gourd with a hummingbird and flowers painted on it. Mike drilled a hole in the gourd and hanging outside it makes a nice birdhouse. Of course I don't have it, I gave it away!

This is a small photo album, painted with penguins and snowflakes. Painters will paint on almost any surface!

This is a tray I painted for the fall exchange, as well as a small tera cotta pot. To learn more about Tolefriends (the list that sponsors the exchanges) please click here.

These are the two birdhouse gourds I painted and gave away!!!

This is another fall tray I painted, I also painted the pattern on a cllipboard.





Here is what I painted for the summer exchange 2003. I made the napkin holder and used my router for the edges. I painted roses because I'm "practicing, practicing, practing" to try to get them right!


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